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Artist: Joy Division
Track: "Interzone"


Interzone - Joy Division


Yeah it’s basically a read more but I’m on mobile so fuck it but it’s about suicide and if that bothers you then move on press j keep scrolling bYE

Haha the feelings are back I’m really scared but a bigger part of me doesn’t care that I’m scared and just wants to die. I want to kill myself man and fucking why I don’t know I mean I like living there are nice things to do and nice songs to hear but I’m wearing thin. I’m transparent and no one really cares because I’m a jerk and as much as people want to be nice they know that’s true. The only people who don’t think so I’ve only known for a few hours and I can’t handle that. I really want people to like me but they don’t so now I really want to be alone and die forgotten. Everyone I know is happiest when I’m not around.

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